Chain Link Fencing

Chain link protects and beautifies property, is long-lasting and maintenance-free, yet economical. A chain link fence also provides security without obstructing views, blends well with landscaping, and controls access to the property. If you are in need of a chain link fencing solution, R&C Fence, Inc. has many options available and has decades of installation experience. We are proud to provide high quality chain link fencing to Warsaw, South Bend, Fort Wayne IN, and beyond.

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Vinyl Coated Chain Link

When security and beauty are equally important factors, we recommend installing a vinyl coated chain link fence. Vinyl coated chain link fencing is available in three distinct colors: black, green, and brown with matching component parts. Color system fences are designed to withstand the harsh climates and wear and tear of industrial applications.

Security is always an issue when children are involved. Daycare centers and schools have found that vinyl coated chain link fence is a cost-effective way to protect and determine boundary lines for playgrounds. Not only does it provide security, but a vinyl coated chain link fence will enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Chain Link Fence Components

Chain link is a component fence system, consisting primarily of three basic elements: fabric, framework, and fittings. The critical issue is how these components are combined. Chain link is available in a wide range of weights (or gauges) and coatings. The most common coating is zinc (galvanized) but chain link is also available in other coatings, such as aluminum or vinyl and polyester color coatings that enhance landscaping, blending naturally with trees, shrubs, and bushes.

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