R&C Fence, Inc. assures that all work will be performed in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with standard industry practice. R&C Fence, Inc. providesa one-year workmanship warrantyfrom the original date of completion, regardless of the fence style or type of work performed. This warranty covers all material and labor necessary to resolve the defect or installation issue. However, this warranty does NOT cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect or improper handling of the fence by the property owner(s) and/or other parties.

Additionallimitedmanufacturer warranties may be available beyond the one-year R&C Fence workmanship warranty. The R&C Fence sales representative can provide information regarding the availability of any limited lifetime warranties through the manufacturer of the product. Restrictions apply and are specified on the manufacturer's warranty letter.

None of these warranties cover damage caused by events beyond human control, including but not limited to damage by animals, impact by foreign objects, and/or natural events: fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, hail, severe wind, tornado, or other casualty or act of God; movements, distortion, collapse or settling of ground or structure on which the fence is installed.

Merchants Metals EverGuard Warranty(PDF)Ideal Aluminum Warranty(PDF)

An "Improvement Location Permit" is required within the city limits of Fort Wayne and Allen County for any fence installation. Permits are obtained through the Department of Planning Services, located at the Citizens Square Building in room 150.It is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain any permits. Upon request, we will obtain the permit for you for a nominal charge.

If you are outside of Allen County, check with your local authorities to determine what the requirements are for obtaining a permit. Given the numerous city and county requirements throughout Northeast Indiana, we are not able to track and be aware of all the permit ordinances.

Also, check your subdivision covenants for any restrictions or requirements for a fence; for example, some subdivisions have architectural committees that must approve the design, location and style of fence.

R&C Fence, Inc. will not be held responsible for failure to obtain a proper permit or for any violations of subdivision covenants.

Building codes within the City of Fort Wayne limit the height of a fence to 7' high. If you are outside the city limits, check with your local authorities to determine if there are any restrictions.

We will take care of having all Indianapublicunderground utilities marked before coming to the job site to start digging. R&C Fence will contact Indiana 811 (or OUPS in Ohio) to request an underground locate/marking for public lines only. However, you are responsible for contacting the utility company to mark anyprivate lines installed on your property.

Public Utilitiesare those underground lines installed and managed by the public utility companies. For example, AEP, NIPSCO, Comcast, Verizon, and NE REMC are public utility lines.

Private Utilitylines are those installed by the homeowner and not by a public utility company. This includes, but is not limited to, private gas lines for a grill, private street light lines, electrical line to another building and/or pool, sprinkler systems, and/or drain tiles. The homeowner is responsible to properly markall private utilitylines so we are aware of the location when we are digging.

We willNOT dig within 2'of a marked gas line. If such a situation arises, we will adjust the fence layout accordingly. This is for the safety of our crew and residents in the area.

While it becomes more difficult, we do continue to install fences throughout the winter, depending on the depth of the snow and frost line. A temperature above 40° is required to install Vinyl fencing.

Digging holes up to 3 feet deep for the fence posts will leave a fair amount of dirt for the property owner. Many property owners like to keep the dirt to use for other projects; therefore,we do not automatically remove the dirt from the property. We charge an additional fee to remove and dispose of the dirt properly. YouMUSTindicate on the quote if you want us to remove the dirt and be charged an additional fee.

The first crew (setting crew) that digs the holes and sets the postsMUST be the crew to remove the dirt.A second crew will come several days later to finish the fence installation and this crew will not have the proper equipment to remove all of the dirt from the property. Therefore, you must inform us of your desire to have the dirt removed PRIOR to the setting of the fence posts. If you call us AFTER the posts are set and the first crew has left the site, then the charge to remove the dirt will be higher than the standard fee because an additional trip will be necessary.

If you decide to keep the dirt, then the setting crew will pile it next to each post.